Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Jio Giga Fiber giving free service for three months

Jio Giga Fiber giving free service for three months

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Jio's broadband service jio Giga Fiber registration has started on August 15. Hopefully this service can be launched around Diwali. jio Giga fiber will be started from those cities where the highest registration will be done.

However, jio Giga Fiber will start simultaneously in 1100 cities of the country. Even before the launch, there is a news about Jio Giga Fiber that the company can launch the jio Giga Fiber service with a three-month "preview offer". The company has given information about this preview offer on its website. jio Giga Fiber users will receive preview offers. It is also possible that the company will increase this offer by three months to increase the number of users.

These offers will be special
According to the information given on the company's website, users will get internet speed of 100 MBPS under the preview offer of Jio Giga Fiber. This will give users 100 GB of data every month. The special thing is that users will get additional data after 100 GB data is over. This additional data will also be available for free. It will add 40 GB data to the user's account. It can be added via data top-up.

1.1 TB data will get free
According to the report, after the completion of 100 GB data, 40 GB data will be available from top-up. However, even if the user needs data then he can add data to 25 times in a month through top-up. Jio is currently testing the model. In total, 1.1 TB data will be free for a limited period. Confirming the preview offer, the company has not yet officially confirmed this.

Rs 4,500 will be given
jio fiber service preview offer will not be free. Let us know that for this, the users will have to pay 4,500 rupees. However, this fee will be completely refundable. Jio Giga fibers will be provided with jio Giga TVs, smart homes such as Services Free. Users will not be charged any additional fees for the monthly usage of Rs 4,500.

Broadband service can also launch
According to a report by TelecomTalk, the way jio launched its telecom service. Likewise, he can also launch a fiber network, broadband service. No charge was taken from mobile users for the first 6 months in jio. Similarly, jio fiber will offer a free offer for 3 months free service. According to the report, under this preview offer, customers will get 100 GB free data with 100 Mbps upload and download speed.

BSNL India's first no. 1 company
Reliance Jio aims to connect 5 million customers. This is the reason that the company will offer preview offers for the first three months. This offer can be easily linked to people. However, at present, BSNL is India's number one company with more than 100 million broadband subscribers.

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