Saturday, 22 September 2018

'Olivia Hoax' Another Deadly Online Game Like Momo Challenge And Blue Whale

New ways of cheating in the internet and online world are coming out. In the last few days, the 'Olivia hoax' named Whatsapp Fraud has been discussed, from which the crime branch of Odisha Police has instructed to be careful while issuing warnings.

If there is a message of girl named Olivia on your whatsapp. Block her immediately

olivia hoax whatsapp 

Do you keep an eye on the online activity of your children, especially teenagers? No, then start keeping them and teach them to be careful about online fraud. A Whatsapp scam has surfaced, through which young people are sent a fake message on WhatsApp and through this they are pushed to porn.

A message comes on your teenager's Whatsapp app, in which a girl named Olivia describes herself as her friend. He cites his identity as a common friend. After this he gives a link as proof of his friendship photo and asks to click. Olivia claims that the teenager can see his picture with him after clicking on the link.

There is cheating in this link. In fact, this link leads to that teenager child on a porn website where pornographic photos and sexual activity videos are turned on immediately. This deception is being recognized by the name of 'Olivia Hoaks' all through the Whatsapp app in the whole world. Through this Whatsapp Fraud, teenagers are being pushed to porn videos and they may be victims of unwanted porn watching.

After coming out in front of this scam, Crime Branch of Odisha Police has tweeted on September 14, "It is being targeted by the latest claims of friendship through the false claims of friendship, the new Whatsapp spam named Olivia Hoaks." . Parents are advised to keep an eye on the online activity of their children and do not accept or block any messages from any stranger or suspicious number.

Simultaneously, the Odisha Police Department says that so far no such complaint has been reported in Odisha, but this caution has been issued to take precautions. #SayNOtoCyberStrangers have been written with this warning. Significantly, even before that there has been an attack on deadly online games like 'Momo Challenge' and the police has also issued warnings against it.

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